Power efficent


FMfloc Dosing Systems run with extremely high accuracy, which creates great dewatering performance and low flocculant consumption. To use just the right amount of flocculants saves money - and is great for the environment. FMfloc Dosing Systems are mounted on modular FlocCube frames, which allows you to configure a FlocCube that fits your need perfectly while not being overloaded with equipment you donโ€™t need. FlocCubes can be mounted into existing processes or machines - or installed in a mobile unit like sea containers or trailers.

FlocCube 4

FlocCube 10

Technical details (standard configuration)
Maximum Sludge Flow150mยณ/h1000mยณ/h
Maximum Solution Flow1500l/h6000l/h
Power Cosumption4kW15kW
up to 3 dosing pumpsOption not includedOption included
Measurement of solid content in the sludgeOption includedOption included
Measurement of sludge flowOption includedOption included