powders & liquids

Makedown Units


Processing, dosing and mixing flocculants into mineral or organic sludge to produce an optimal flake. This is then processed by mechanical dewatering systems, which separate the solids from the water.

SmartFloc H

thanks to quick assembly, it can always be where it is needed

SmartFloc S5

workhorse for large masses of mud in remote locations

SmartFloc S10

workhorse for large masses of mud in remote locations

Technical details (standard configuration)
liquidsOption includedOption includedOption included
powderOption not includedOption includedOption included
powder or liquid flow30L/h10L/h or 10kg/h30L/h or 30kg/h
power consumptionβŒ€ 1,5kW / max 5kWβŒ€ 2kW / max 10kWβŒ€ 3,5kW / max 15kW
concentration0,1% - 1,0%0,1% - 1,0%0,1% - 1,0%
Cloud connection (built into every container and trailer)
Live Monitoring (if cellular network is available)Option includedOption includedOption included
remote support & updatesOption includedOption includedOption included